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soundcraft 16_24

AKG C 4000

Studio Condenser Microphone, for low frequency.


AKG 414 XL II.

soundcraft 16_24
soundcraft 16_24


akg 414 xls.

AKG C12 vr

This microphones has the cap-sule sound from
the original 6072A vacuum tube. The only difference
is that its self noise and some components were
optimized.Nine remotely selectable polar pattern.
The legendary large-diaphragm capsule, and an original 6072.

soundcraft 16_24
soundcraft 16_24

AKG c414b uls

Classic large-diaphragm reference microphone.

AKG d-112

Microfono dinamico a largo diaframma
per cassa batteria e ampli basso elettrico.

soundcraft 16_24
soundcraft 16_24

AKG D224 E

microfoni doppia bobina a diaframma
stretto—dual capsul mics, like a 421 but more clarity,
amazing on inside kick, toms, bass, rhodes.

Audix F14

Audix F14 Dynamic Cardioid Microphone
for Kick Drums and Bass Cabinets.

soundcraft 16_24
soundcraft 16_24

Neumann KM184

The mic is designed to be as low cost as possible while
still maintaining the great Neumann sound that numerous
professionals have grown to expect. All in all, the unit is
an extremely versatile pencil condenser mic that you are
sure to find suitable for

Neumann M149

L\’M 149 Tube is a variable dual-diaphragm microphone.
The K 49 capsule – made ​​famous by the legendary U 47
and M 49 – is served by an impedance converter tube.

soundcraft 16_24
soundcraft 16_24

Sennheiser e602

Cardioid instrument microphone, humbucking coil,
frequency response 20 -16.000 Hz.

Sennheiser MD 421

Microfono Cardioide, cinque posizioni di controllo
per i bassi, risposta in frequenza 30-17000
Hz—Cardioid studio microphone, five-position
bass control, frequency response 30 – 17,000 Hz.

soundcraft 16_24
soundcraft 16_24

Sennheiser MD 441-U

Super-cardioid studio microphone, hum compensating
coil, five position bass control, brilliance switch,
integral pop filter, frequency response 30 – 20,000 Hz.

Shure 16 A

condenser stereo microphones.

soundcraft 16_24
soundcraft 16_24

Shure Beta 58 A

Esteemed vocal microphone accentuates the warmth
and clarity of lead and backup vocals—microfono
vocale dinamico a supercardioide ad uscita elevata.

Shure SM 57

Multi-purpose mic for clean sound reproduction
of amplified or acoustic instruments.

soundcraft 16_24
soundcraft 16_24

SuperLux R102 Ribbon

Ribbon Microphone – warm and natural sound,
figure-8 pattern, frequency response:
20Hz-15kHz—-Microfono a nastro.

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